Hi all!

Getting excited for Queer Collaborations? We are! Check out our website for an update on the workshops available, more to be coming at your face next week!



We have had a lot of people put in last requests for accommodation, while we have kindly be able to accommodate them all, we are getting to the point now where it is impossible to do so. Send us an email requesting you interest as we will need to organise this ASAP.

Any payments made to the Queer Collaborations WITHOUT notice for accommodation after Monday will NOT be receiving accommodation by us and there is a 20% Refund penalty this close to the conference for not reading this properly and making us do all of this admin work so close to the conference.


Queer Collaborations will only be supplying


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – to be provided by the USU, thank you so much for that guys.


Tuesday (registration day) and potentially at the parties (we are still working out the budgets so we can get back to you asap on that guys, there are 2 parties to be held by QC officially.)


We are still taking applications, get them in, be sexy, confident and outgoing! Some ideas for workshops

– DIY workshops

– Banner making workshops

– Political workshops (whether it is a GM for a political party or talking politics)

– Musical armpits

– Musical chairs

– Dancing

– Laughing workshops

– Drag queen workshops

We are wanting creative and out there workshops guys! We are keen to make the conference with as much variety as possible!

So, as a recap.
Last day to register for accommodation is Monday 24th June. If you do not register by Monday WITH an accompanying email to us, you will not be accommodated and a refund will incur a 20% fee.

Limited food is supplied, bring money for food. There are many places around Usyd for food and we know that you guys love variety, with Newtown and Broadway a short walk away, you can all find the best and most agreeable food around.

Workshops! Keep em coming! They are looking great!


Peace and love guys,


Queer Collaborations 2013.




This is just a short letter to let y’all know what’s happening.

First, and most importantly this Friday is the LAST DAY FOR ACCOMMODATION PAYMENTS. This is not our fault, and we did warn you a while back. We really recommend that you pay for it now otherwise things are gonna get messy. If you cannot make the payment, please let us know no later than THURSDAY 6TH JUNE MIDDAY or else you will NOT be able to apply for accommodation through us.

Also, we’re happy to report that Queer Cabaret was a success, everybody had a lovely time, we raised a whole bunch of money and we got to see a half naked woman make and eat a sandwich. Photos of the sandwich, (and the recipe) will be available on the website soon.

Workshop applications are still open. Workshops are the backbone of the conference (not to be confused with the bone that goes into your back), and anyone can run one. So if you are a smarty-pants, or you just think you know lots about something interesting, fill out one of our nicely formatted applications (attached) and email it in.

We know a conference Motions on its stomach, so, with thanks to the University of Sydney Union (USU), breakfast will be served every morning EXCEPT Tuesday (this is because the breakfast gods are busy house sitting in another dimension on Tuesdays; deal with it).

Thank you to all who have been supporting us, registering and getting as excited as us throughout the last few months.

Yippee ki-yay,

Queer Collaborations Organising Committee 2013

Latest Update: Rego, Accommodation, Readings and More

Hi everyone!

Wow, we had such a huge response for the early bird specials. Thank you so much to everyone. It was such an ego boost to see that so many people are still as excited as we are!

A few technical things first. Early bird specials have finished, the fee for registration with accommodation will now be $360 until 3rd June, so register and make payments soon! We have been able to supply invoices for those who need it, however, receipts will come later. We thank those who ha been patient with us. We will get the receipts to you as soon as we can.

With the accommodation, we will need to make final payments a month out, so, we will require payment by June 8th, no later. We cannot stress enough how much we are unable to extend this deadline. Please understand as we just want to bring you an amazing conference with little to no stresses!

Also, thank you for the interest in workshops, please keep them coming! are going to let everyone know about what is accepted around mid June. So watch this space!

Now for fun things!

We now have digital copies of readers-to-be online at our website, follow the link:


to see what will be appearing on the reader this year! This list is by no means exhaustive; make comments, suggest readings, start a conversation, we want to see your input so that we bring up what you want to bring up at this year’s conference.

To those that are perhaps struggling with making payment for this event. Below are some ideas to help raise funds, and awareness, in your community

– Bake sale

– Movie night

– Raffles

– Book a room at a club and party away!

Another note I would like to mention. IDAHO is upcoming, May 17th. This is the International Day Against HOmophobia (IDAHO) and we would love to see every university getting involved this year! Let us know what you’re doing, either by Facebook or email and we will post it up on our website and Facebook and make sure that everyone knows and you can all have the most support ever!

If you can all let us know what your university is doing to support the cause, we will make sure that everyone will be able to hear what you have to say!


Queer Collaborations


Hi all

Thank you for being SO patient with us! We have had some issues with administration and we deeply apologise for not being more communicative over the past few weeks.

Unfortunately we will need to change the dates to 8th -14th July. This will be due to accommodation issues we have encountered. We can now supply accommodation and will supply registration forms and accommodation details for this change to all universities around Australia by Monday the latest.

Again, so sorry about this change of date. We are only human ourselves. We understand that there will be some inconvenience caused by this. We hope that we can still make this an amazing experience for all!


Queer Collaborations 2013

Feedback on Queer Collaborations 2011 & 2012 – All the bureaucracy!!!

Hey hey!

So the QC2013 organising collective is keen to hear from peeps on what they’d like to see done next time around so we came up with a survey for ya’ll and we’d love it if peeps could fill it out and circulate it. If you’ve got any further comments, feel free to make them in the comments section. 🙂

Here’s the link:


Yours in love, rage and gaga,

QC organising collective

It starts!

Hey hey!

Welcome to the QC2013 blog! This is a place where you can get updates on where we’re at for Queer Collaborations and hear about any updates. We’ll also be posting a bunch of materials to keep you on the edge of your seat as time goes on. 🙂

In case you’re wondering what on earth Queer Collaborations actually is:

Queer Collaborations (QC) is a national conference being held on Gadigal land in Sydney at the University of Sydney, the University of Technology, Sydney and the University of Macquarie from July 8th – 14th, 2013.

QC will consist of 7 days of self-education, discussion and organising intended to bring together queers who want to discover themselves, create change and connect with other queers. While focusing on analysing privilege, consent and respect, QC also will feature a large range of workshops on topics surrounding the law, self-care, gender, sexuality, identity, community and society, academia, music, sports, critical theory and activism. And there are heaps of awesome parties!

Next year, the conference is being held in Sydney to a theme of ‘A Brave New World’ with an expectation of over 450 delegates from major cities and rural areas all over Australia and New Zealand.

Yours in love, rage & gaga,

QC organising collective