Latest Update: Rego, Accommodation, Readings and More

Hi everyone!

Wow, we had such a huge response for the early bird specials. Thank you so much to everyone. It was such an ego boost to see that so many people are still as excited as we are!

A few technical things first. Early bird specials have finished, the fee for registration with accommodation will now be $360 until 3rd June, so register and make payments soon! We have been able to supply invoices for those who need it, however, receipts will come later. We thank those who ha been patient with us. We will get the receipts to you as soon as we can.

With the accommodation, we will need to make final payments a month out, so, we will require payment by June 8th, no later. We cannot stress enough how much we are unable to extend this deadline. Please understand as we just want to bring you an amazing conference with little to no stresses!

Also, thank you for the interest in workshops, please keep them coming! are going to let everyone know about what is accepted around mid June. So watch this space!

Now for fun things!

We now have digital copies of readers-to-be online at our website, follow the link:

to see what will be appearing on the reader this year! This list is by no means exhaustive; make comments, suggest readings, start a conversation, we want to see your input so that we bring up what you want to bring up at this year’s conference.

To those that are perhaps struggling with making payment for this event. Below are some ideas to help raise funds, and awareness, in your community

– Bake sale

– Movie night

– Raffles

– Book a room at a club and party away!

Another note I would like to mention. IDAHO is upcoming, May 17th. This is the International Day Against HOmophobia (IDAHO) and we would love to see every university getting involved this year! Let us know what you’re doing, either by Facebook or email and we will post it up on our website and Facebook and make sure that everyone knows and you can all have the most support ever!

If you can all let us know what your university is doing to support the cause, we will make sure that everyone will be able to hear what you have to say!


Queer Collaborations



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