This is just a short letter to let y’all know what’s happening.

First, and most importantly this Friday is the LAST DAY FOR ACCOMMODATION PAYMENTS. This is not our fault, and we did warn you a while back. We really recommend that you pay for it now otherwise things are gonna get messy. If you cannot make the payment, please let us know no later than THURSDAY 6TH JUNE MIDDAY or else you will NOT be able to apply for accommodation through us.

Also, we’re happy to report that Queer Cabaret was a success, everybody had a lovely time, we raised a whole bunch of money and we got to see a half naked woman make and eat a sandwich. Photos of the sandwich, (and the recipe) will be available on the website soon.

Workshop applications are still open. Workshops are the backbone of the conference (not to be confused with the bone that goes into your back), and anyone can run one. So if you are a smarty-pants, or you just think you know lots about something interesting, fill out one of our nicely formatted applications (attached) and email it in.

We know a conference Motions on its stomach, so, with thanks to the University of Sydney Union (USU), breakfast will be served every morning EXCEPT Tuesday (this is because the breakfast gods are busy house sitting in another dimension on Tuesdays; deal with it).

Thank you to all who have been supporting us, registering and getting as excited as us throughout the last few months.

Yippee ki-yay,

Queer Collaborations Organising Committee 2013


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