Queer Collaborations (QC) is an annual not-for-profit national conference that provides week long education and training in queer-related issues. It has historically been tertiary student focused, but it is open to any individual who is queer or queer friendly. We welcome (and do not limit the conference to) people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, transsexual, transgender, polyamorous, polygamous or asexual.

Queer Collaborations 2013 was held on Gadigal land in Sydney at the University of Sydney, the University of Technology, Sydney and the University of Macquarie from July 8th – 14th.

QC 2013 ran for 7 days and consisted of workshops, discussions and networking opportunities which brought together queers who want to discover themselves, create change and connect with other queers. QC provided delegates with contemporary political and social information relevant to the ongoing struggle for acceptance. This conference featured a large range of workshops on topics surrounding the law, self-care, gender, sexuality, identity, community and society, academia, music, sports, critical theory and activism.

This year, the conference was held in Sydney to a theme of ‘A Brave New World’ and attended by over 200 delegates from major cities and rural areas all over Australia and New Zealand.

Next year’s conference (2014) is at Monash University in Melbourne.


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