Motions Carried

Here is a list of motions carried by conference floor. These are the ideas and procedures the conference thought were important enough to spend time debating and endorsing as a whole.

Preamble: Consent, as outlined by the participant agreement, may be a new concept for many delegates attending. Consent has not been a large enough focus of this year’s conference and it needs to be discussed in greater depth, and repeated. This issue has been raised unanimously at the women’s caucus and there have already been problems around a lack of consent.

Clarification: Mover clarified that it was important to re-iterate consent at all conference floors so that those with day-passes were aware of the importance of consent at QC.

Motion: this QC agrees that the commencement of all conference floors will include a description of consent and reiterate its importance.

 Moved: Cam Peter

 Shaker: Alice Chesworth


Motion: 4.2 Endorsement for National Queer Officer
4.2.1 The Election
The QC2013 conference is being asked by AQSN to elect one member from amongst its delegation to become an AQSN endorsed candidate for NUS’ Queer Officer Role.

This person must be intending to apply for Queer Officer at National Conference 2013.
This election is open to people within the queer spectrum, however the NUS guidelines require the person to be ‘queer’ identifying.

All nominees must be eligible for election as per NUS’s roles

The call for nominations opens upon the election of the returning officer and closes at the commencement of the final conference Floor of QC. 

4.2.2 Election of Returning Officer

A returning Officer will be nominated and elected at the first conference Floor session. This person will conduct the ballot in accordance with the Standing Orders and the AQSN rules for this election.

 The returning officer must not be a nominee in the election.

 4.2.3 Submitting Bids

 A nominee can express in writing to the Returning Officer their nomination at anytime between call for nominations and upon close of nominations as set by the returning officer.

 The written nomination must contain the preferred name and, if the candidate wishes to disclose, the legal name; as well as the university of the nominee.

 4.2.4 Campaigning

The nominees will be announced on conference floor’s progressively as they are received throughout the week. Nominees are welcome to campaign in any manor that remains within the policies of QC and does not detract from the intent of AQSN and NUS.

Campaigning must cease upon the close of nominations.

 A short question-answer time will be conducted immediately prior to the vote for the endorsement of the candidate. 

4.2.5 Votes

The election is to take place on conference floor by secret ballot. Once the election is called, the RO must endeavour that no person enters the room. Any person entering the room after the election being called to start will not have a voting right. The RO shall seek the help of up to 3 scrutinisers- each one being from a separate state.

The winner of the election is the candidate with the most votes. The voting system will be optional preferential. If the final two candidates receive the same number of votes after distribution of preferences, then an election will occur between just those two candidates, again by secret ballot. In the case of deadlock at this stage, AQSN will endorse both candidates.

4.3 The endorsement of a candidate(s) by QC or AQSN will not forge a relationship beyond this between QC or NUS, and QC will remain an autonomous body separate from NUS

4.4.1 If the endorsed candidate(s) are unable and/or unwilling to participate in the NatCon election, AQSN may withdraw their endorsement at any time.

 4.4.2 If AQSN determines that the endorsed candidate’s behaviour is in breach of QC’s policies, AQSN will withdraw their endorsement at any time.

Moved: Brodie

Seconded: Evan


Against for notation: James Wilson

Abstained for notation: Angelus Morningstar

Call to action for NUS

Preamble: The current affirmative action system of the National Union of Students does not take into account sex and gender diverse individuals. At present, the National Union of Students does not provide affirmative action provisions for individuals who do not identify as women but do not identify as cis-men. The University of Sydney Queer Action Collective and the University of Sydney Students’ Representative Council Queer Department intend to draft and submit a policy at the National Union of Students to extend affirmative action to all individuals who do not identify as cis-men.

Motion: That the 2013 Queer Collaborations directs AQSN to lobby NUS to make its affirmative action processes inclusive of those outside the gender binary.

Mover: Fahad Ali

Shaker: Evan Van Zijl

Status Unknown.

The Kink of Conference Floor

Preamble: In order to increase the enjoyment & therefore engagement of kinksters & kink-identified people with QC, the kink autonomous workshop proposes increasing the frequency with which conference floors occur.

Motion: That QC 2013 recommends to the QC 2014 organisers & future QC organisers ensure that a conference floor session be scheduled for at least once every two days.

Recommended: The Kink Autonomous Workshop.

Mover: Eamon Cole-Flynn

Shaker: Mitchel Rodwell

Amendment, from Lance (accepted by mover)


Condemnation of Police Brutality

Preamble: Earlier this year, police brutalised members of our community in the Mardi Gras parade, in the Sydney University picket lines, some of whom will never completely recover.

Motion: Conference floor condemns the police for their brutality at Mardi Gras and the pickets, the violence that they used on the marginalised and the dissenting. Conference further condemns the victim blaming targeted at recipients of police brutality.

Mover: Evan van Zijl

Shaker: Amelia Kerridge


Note: There were a number of noted abstentions noted absences and noted opposition, but I don’t have these.

Call to Action of Queer Collectives

Motion: That Queer Collaborations suggests that Queer Collectives support marriage equality rallies* just before the Federal elections and help build these rallies (*rallies held different dates across Australia).

Mover: Patrick Wright

Shaker: Cat Rose


Solidarity towards the Black Communities of the USA

Preamble: Late last year, a black teenage boy named Trayvon Martin was attacked, unprovoked and subsequently shot and killed. Earlier today George Zimmerman was found innocent by the US courts in spite of large amounts of evidence to the contrary. The black communities in the US are disgusted by the blatant racism.

Motion: As a sign of solidarity towards other oppressed communities, the QC conference floor acknowledges the events in the US, condemns the actions of both George Zimmerman and the courts, and pays their respect to Trayvon Martin, his family and his community.

Mover: Mikey McLeish

Shaker: Cat Rose


Expression of solidarity with Private Manning

Motion: That the conference floor express solidarity with Private Manning and call for their immediate release.

Mover: Patrick Wright

Shaker: Rachel Evans 


Note: There may have been a number of noted abstentions and noted opposition, or noted absences but I don’t have these.

Queer Collaborations Curriculum Working Group

Preamble: The Australian National Curriculum is currently in development and calling for draft consultations from key stakeholders, communities and individuals. Drafts are available online for a three year period of consultation. Stake holders can provide feedback via questionnaire or written submissions. 

Currently, there is only lip service paid to sexuality and sex and gender minorities, with no compulsory inclusion of our community in the Health Cerriculum for Foundation to year 10.

The following is taken from the page pertaining to ‘student diversity’ and refers to ‘same-sex attracted and ‘gender diverse’ students:

“The Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education is designed to allow schools flexibility to meet the needs of these young people.”

Further to this, there is next to no mention of consent in the current design. 

The following motion has the endorsement of the Autonomous Women’s Caucus. 

Motion: That a committee of Queer Collaborations representatives be formed to write up an official submission to the Australian Curriculum Consultation. That this committee invite members of each autonomous caucus where possible. That this committee and its submission carry the endorsement of Queer Collaborations and may submit on behalf of Queer Collaborations, as a key representative of the queer community. That this submission call for the compulsory inclusion of sexual health and relationship health information that is inclusive of and relevant to all same-sex attracted, sex and gender diverse, and intersex students, as well as the compulsory inclusion of clear and informative education on consent, in sexual and non-sexual contexts, for all students from Foundation through to year 10. This official submission would be spread to QC2013 delegates by AQSN and QC2014 at least fourteen days before an official submission is made.

Mover: Alice Chesworth

Shaker: Elle Grant


Calling upon AQSN

Preamble: Queer Collaborations conference floors are a fascinating exercise in queer democracy. Many important discussions take place, and frequently resolutions are passed to instruct the organisers of future conferences. So far, however, QC has not been good at archiving motions passed at previous conferences. There is no easy way to find out what motions were passed at, say, the 2005 conference. The problem with this is that many important resolutions and insights are lost and forgotten, and later QCs must often deal with resolving the same issues over and over. Setting up a centralised online location for an archive of past motions will enable future QCs to benefit from the resolutions of past conference floors.

Motion: That this conference invites AQSN to set up a part of its website to keep an archive of motions passed at Queer Collaborations conference floor in 2013 and future years.

Mover: Tom Garton

Shaker: Josh Briers



Hogwarts Traditions

Motion: That QC recommends future organising committees to carry on the newly established tradition of the Hogwarts Cup.

Mover: Angelus Morningstar

Shaker: James Wilson


Solidarity with Bob Carnegie

Motions: That Queer Collaborations express solidarity with Bob Carnegie, who is currently under prosecution for the crime of campaigning for workers’ rights

Mover: Evan Van Zijl

Shaker: Fahad Ali


Queen of Conference

Preamble: Angelus Morningstar has been an exceptionally valuable member of the QC2013 organising committee, and his dedication, warmth, and creativity have contributed significantly to the environment of this conference. In honour of Angelus’ contributions, especially his House Cup idea, we propose the follow.


1. That Angelus Morningstar be declared Queen of Conference.
2. That Angelus Morningstar be presented with the Official Tiara of Conference Floor (henceforth referred to as the OTCF).

Mover: Fahad Ali
Shaker: Axeris Sondyre


Inclusivity of Workshops

Preamble : Workshops at Queer Collaborations should be inclusive in nature. To achieve this delegates should be informed of the intended content of workshops ahead of time so they can make informed decisions when choosing workshops.

Motion: That all workshop descriptions in the Queer Collaborations reader include, as a preamble, potential trigger warnings about their content. Where this information cannot be provided, that workshop facilitators be requested to provide verbal trigger warnings to all attendees and late comers, or provide signage to that effect at the entrance of the workshop.

Mover: Adam S

Shaker: Avory A


Equity Provisions for Future QC

Preamble: Every year there are many people who would like to attend Queer Collaborations but are unable to for reasons of disability, lack of finances, conflicting commitments or any number of other reasons. Many of these people would appreciate and benefit from a greater number of online materials conveying the substance of such events as organised workshops.

Motion: That this conference calls on the organisers of QC 2014 to set up a website not just for times and locations, but also for online versions of workshops. Workshop organisers are encouraged (but not required) to submit workshop materials to this website.

Mover: Tom Garton

Shaker: Tim Scriven



The university of canberra health center knowingly employs a doctor who refuses to discuss contraception methods other than the rhythm method or prescribe the pill to students who ask for it. This doctor has also on one occasion misdiagnosed same sex attraction as a hormonal disorder and suggested an implanon as a possible treatment for the male student in question. Despite a complaint and appeal with letters of support from two law professors a psychologist and the aids action council of canberra the university of canberra continues to support the doctor in question


As the primary representative body for queer students in australia, qc condemns the university of canberra and the medical health centre for continuing to allow the aforementioned sexist and homophobic behavior by a person of significant authority on campus

Mover: James Kent

Shaker: Stuart Ferrie

Status Unknown


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