Social Events

Monday: Casual Mingling

There will be nothing organised for this night, so feel free to wander around and just relax and ease into Sydney. We suggest you get to know everyone you’ll be spending the week with.

Tuesday:  Movie Night

We’ve booked three theatres at Macquarie university, we’ll be showing a collection of Queer films.

Wednesday: Dyke Night

Wednesday night is the night to be out in Newtown, join us as we stumble between pubs on this trendy strip.

Thursday: Snakes and Rattlers

We’ve booked a warehouse and a DJ (Gatski), come have a drink, play board games/video games and complain about how the organisers couldn’t organise a brewery in a piss-up. Pizza provided.

Friday: Queerelle Launch @ the Loft

The pretty folks at UTS have spent the last year putting together a national magazine for you and the last month organising a party to celebrate. Then to Oxford Street.

Saturday: Picnic

We figured Friday night would wreck everyone so we put a picnic on this day. Lay in the sun, listen to chill beats and feed the ducks.

Saturday Night: Party @ Secret Location

Our Final Party is in a 3 storey warehouse with DJs Limp Fist and Ben Drayton. Special thanks to STUCCO (especially Laura and Bjorn).



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