All delegates will be issued with printed material that will help them navigate the conference and the city, however we thought it advantageous to throw the meatier readings up onto the internet before the conference. This mode of information distribution means we have no limits (printing costs) on what we can share. Academic articles, books, zines, videos and blogs on queer related issues will be progressively uploaded and linked to below. If you feel you have something interesting to share, email it to us with a short annotation with ‘READINGS’ in the subject line.


A Critique of the “Post-Gay” Thesis, by Donovan Lessard (December 2011)
A short blog that refutes the suggestion that Homosexuality is a privilege, and addresses the conflation of ‘Queerness’ with ‘White Middle-Class status’.

Ohms Not Bombs Archive
Documents the underground party movement in Australia and its close association with political activism. Put together by Pete Strong, aka Mashy P.

Police intimidation: no way to work with community (March 2013)
An open Letter from the Chair of Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney, Associate Professor Kane Race to the NSW Premier regarding Police Sniffer Dogs and the positioning of the Queer community as suspects.

The Everyday Violence Of NSW Police (March 2013)
An article in New Matilda by NSW Greens Upper House MP David Shoebridge, places the police assault on Jamie Jackson at Mardi Gras 2013 into the wider context.

The short instructional manifesto for relationship anarchy by Andie Nordgren in The Anarchist Library
A translation/adaptation to English of a relationship anarchy pamphlet originally published in Swedish.

Intimacy Cartography
Blog mapping out some of the components of relationships.

Derailing for Dummies
A guide to privilege; lists common ways complaints are silenced and dismissed.

Journal Articles/Studies:

Is Kinship Always Already Heterosexual, By Judith Butler (2002)
This has been doing the rounds for years. It considers the contemporary predicament in which the state is sought for the recognition it might confer on same-sex couples and countered for the regulatory control on normative kinship that it continues to exercise.

Essential Works of Foucault 1954-1984 / Excerpt : Friendship as away of life.
An interview with Michel Foucault on the potential of homosexual relationships.

Mediating Suicide: Print Journalism and the Categorization of Queer Youth Suicide Discourses (January 2012)
This article undertakes textual analysis to examine some of the ways in which knowledge around sexuality- related youth suicide and its causes are produced and made available through news media discourses and news-making processes.

A systematic review of mental disorder, suicide, and deliberate self harm in lesbian, gay and bisexual people (2008)
A study showing that LGB people are at higher risk of mental disorder, suicidal ideation, substance misuse, and deliberate self harm than heterosexual people.


No Logo, By Naomi Klein (1999)
Two extracts: The first, ‘The Triumph of Identity Marketing’ looks at how marketers use radical identity and ‘diversity’ to sell products. The second ‘Reclaim the Streets’ documents old campaigns that merged activism with the party. Note: You can find the pdf for the whole book pretty easily on google.

The Ethical Slut, By Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy (1997)
Notorious book on Polyamorous relationships. Don’t fall into the trap of using it as a how-to guide as it can be limiting.


NSW Queer Student Network Zine 1/2013
Submissions from Queer Students In NSW and their Allies.
Queer section of a massive archive of international Zines.


Police attack on Jamie Jackson at the Sydney Mardi Gras 2013
The very visible attack that finally prompted the GLBTI community to do something about NSW police violence
Warning: Contains strong violence.

Witches, Faggots, Dykes and Poofters, Director: Digby Duncan (1980)
In 1978 the police attacked demonstrators at the Sydney (Australia) Mardi Gras celebrations. This film details the community’s response.

South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi reads out arguments for recognition of Polyamorous relationships, in Federal parliament (2013)
Including comments made by NSW Queer activists.

Buck Angel’s YouTube Channel
Collection of videos about trans* male Porn star Buck Angel.

Workshop Resources:

Some workshops come with suggested reading.

Queer Ecology

Queers vs the Capitalist State – Police Brutality at Mardi Gras, lessons and discussion

From Anti-Capitalist to Gay Marriage? Queer Activism post-2000

Pendleton M & Serisier T (2012) ‘Some Gays and the Queers’, M/C Journal, 15/6, online.

Humphrys E (2007) ‘“With Their Bodies on the Line”: Activist Space and Sexuality in the Australian AlterGlobalisation Movement’, QUEER Space: Centres and Peripheries, University of Technology Sydney, Byron Bay New South Wales, 4-5 December.

Pendleton M (2007) ‘Looking Back to Look Forward: The Past in Australia Queer Anti-Capitalism, 1999- 2002’, Melbourne Historical Journal, 35, pp.51–71.


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