Workshop submissions for Queer Collaborations 2013 are now Closed.


Stand Out! Making a difference in your old high schools

Ever think back on high school and think about ways it could have been better for same-sex attracted sex/gender diverse (SSASGD) students?
Ever wish you had started a student group or made improvements to school administration?
Just needed that kick in the butt to motivate you to do something?
Well, the Stand Out Network is here to help you!
We’ll discuss ways to support student-led, grass-roots change in your local high school/s and how to improve policies and teacher support where possible.
The Stand Out Network is a Victoria wide support network for high school students who are standing out against homophobia and transphobia in their school, or who want support to start doing so. In order to get rid of homophobia and transphobia in schools students need to be empowered to make changes themselves. It is a project of Minus18 and the Safe Schools Coalition Victoria (Resources).

Facilitator:  Alice Chesworth, Chairwoman of Minus18’s Youth Steering Committee.

Word on the Street!

This interactive session looks at communication and will cater to the needs of the group on the day. Whether it’s conveying a message in spoken format, developing a personal narrative (which won Barack Obama office in 2009), on street heckling, or engaging people online through social media – this jam-packed session exposes effective tools to use in your organization and personally. Get ready to share your thoughts and ideas.

Facilitator: Chris Tagle

Organising 101

This interactive session looks at programming and planning collectives and their operations. Tailored to suit those who are fresh to running a group or in need of some new ideas and different techniques this session is suitable for everyone. Get familiar with setting up weekly programs, extra events and balancing out your workload. Bring your ideas.

Facilitator: Chris Tagle

Science and Human sexuality/gender

To begin I will talk about studies that have focussed on human sexuality and gender identity from a scientific point of view.  This includes evidence for genetic causes for homosexuality, theories to why homosexuality arises, the roots of gender identity and a description of human sex outside “male” and “female”.  Please note that I am explaining scientific evidence, not my own opinions.

To conclude there will be a discussion about the implications of these studies and what might be interesting things to study in the future (for example, gender variance or a reductionist model of sexuality or…).

Facilitator: Avory Allen

Mental health literacy: a community approach to mental illness for youth 

The idea in a nut shell is that youth will typically come forward to a friend when dealing with mental health issues and if it isn’t dealt with positively it can cause the person to withdraw for a number of years at which point it becomes more difficult to help. By improving mental health literacy in the general community, be it a student group, collective or whatever it allows for the early warning signs to be identified and passed up for those with the appropriate training.

The aim is to equip people with skills to be that first point of contact i.e. listening non-judgementally, providing support but most importantly knowing where to refer.
In some respects, it’s almost like a neighbourhood watch geared at mental health.

The first half will be discussing the general idea, brain storming and going through an approach developed by Mental Health First Aid Australia. The second half will be about brainstorming ideas about how you can implement parts of this in your own community.

Facilitator: Ben Gill

Stigma- the Unconscious Epidemic

This workshop is designed to explore and discover the dogmatic principles of stigma we unconsciously follow and live by in the streets in our everyday lives. Examining this socio-political epidemic through racial prejudice and the HIV/AIDS epidemic, we will delve into such issues that the LGTBIQ community face on today’s contemporary, seeking truth and understanding of what has become of us in a postmodern society.

Facilitators: Jacky Le and Tamzin Walker

“And he will be my Squishy”: Relationships, Asexuality and thinking beyond the reef

What defines a relationship? Why are some valued more than others?
What happens when sex isn’t a part of your relationships with other people?
This workshop explores the vast sea of asexual relationships, and how they can challenge traditional relationship structures and narratives. Some of the ideas is will look at include de-centralising the role of sex in relationships, how we define romance and love, and how traditional models of doing relationships limit our understanding of the huge diversity of close connections we form in our lives.

Facilitator: Johanna Qualmann

“Hug it out”

Do you find conference floor has too much shouting and not enough hugging? Want to escape to a land free of contentious discussion topics? Then “Hug it out” is for you! Join us for chillaxed chats and a consensual cuddle puddle (boundaries will be discussed and respected).

p.s. This is not an orgy.

Facilitator: Andie Yates

Cunt Skills – the workshop

There are many under-acknowledged and undervalued vaginal skills. This pair of workshops aim to both:

–          Discuss attitudes to cunts and cunt empowerment

–          Learn some cunt based skills

Warning: During this workshop, it is possible that you may see, hear, smell, touch and taste vagina. If you have a sixth sense, you may see dead vaginas. You have been warned.

Facilitators: Nikky and Lucia

Queer Rights and Economic Justice

In 2013, Julia Gillard cut welfare for single mothers while informing the world that she will not be lectured on sexism. Similarly, we have had members of the LNP profess that they are pro-gay while pushing an agenda of austerity that can do nothing but injure queer people and their place in society.

In this workshop, we will unpack the idea of economic justice and how a programme of austerity has impacted upon queers in our society from high rates of homelessness in ‘our’ community to the precariousness of health services.

Facilitator: Evan Van Zijl

Civil Disobedience & Direct Action

What do we do when lobbying has failed us? A basic talk on the processes of direct action, civil disobedience and disrupting the power of forces that marginalise our rights.

Facilitator: Evan Van Zijl

Q&A: Queer&Asia

We are living in the ‘Asian Century’.

This mantra is heard everywhere in Australia these days, but what does it mean for queer people? What does queer Asia look like? Do we belong to it? How can we relate to it? And just what does Asia mean anyway?

Join us and share how your experiences have embraced queer Asia, through friends, travels, family, studies or any random life events. Join us too to hear and learn from the stories and thoughts of your fellow QCers.

Topics for discussion may include:

  • how Asian cultures influence queer lives
  • traditional and not-so-traditional queer communities in Asia
  • the R word: racism and racialism amongst queers

NB Tony Jones is sadly not scheduled to appear at this workshop. #qanda

Facilitator: Lachlan Young

LGBTI Sexuality. .  . Explore your Sexuality through Toys!

Adult toys can be a fun and important part in sexual play, used to enhance sexual experiences and to further explore your own desire and sexuality- whatever that may be!

This workshop will introduce and discuss types of adult toys, accessories and play, whether it be for a ‘L-G-B-T or I’ individual or relationship.

We will discuss how toys can be a tool for deeper exploration of your sexuality, including physical pleasure, gender and role-play, fantasy, sensuality and communication.

Toys and play to be introduced include strap-on harness play, back-door antics, pack and play, kink, vibrators, toys for girls, boys or couples, and queer specific guides and books.

Come play with us.

Facilitators: Bruce and Maxine from Max Black Adult Store

STOP … DON’T STOP – Consensual Sexual Play

It’s a choice…..

For some, the choice is no or not yet.   For others it is yes, now, right now.   The choice, the journey and the agreement is up to the individuals involved.

This workshop will explore the languages and skills for negotiating safe consensual BDSM.

Part of the workshop will be conducted in an interview style between Bruce and Berenice, exploring her challenges and joys from negotiation of consensual sexual BDSM play.

Basic BDSM will be discussed.  How restriction can be freeing.   How pain can be liberating. How BDSM can build trust and intimacy.

Various types of BDSM equipment will be shown and uses described.

BDSM language: negotiating when “stop” means “don’t stop”.  Exploring the languages and skills for negotiating safe consensual BDSM.

Facilitators: Bruce and Maxine from Max Black Adult Store

Abolish Prisons

Description: What does the claim that we should abolish prison mean? Why should we want to abolish prisons, especially from a queer perspective? What practical steps can we take to achieve this? This workshop will consist in a half hour introduction to the topic, followed by a half hour discussion on the topic.

Facilitator: Tim Scriven

How to live on and deal with Centrelink

Centrelink is a hassle. Living on no money is lame. This workshop features the collected wisdom of a former professional welfare bludger.

Facilitator: Chris Linning

Business Sense

Ever wanted to set up your own business but don’t know the right avenues to take? Or have you tried in the past but havent met with the level of success you expected? This workshop can assist you with all aspects of the business cycle, from product conception to point of sale contact. This workshop can help you not only market your idea viably, but ensure it is reaching it´s full revenue potential.

Facilitator: Ryan Gleeson has started two successful small businesses and co-started another two.

NGO Startups

Starting an NGO in Australia can be a daunting task. Not only is there a veritable minefield of regulatory and taxation requirements that need to be met, but service delivery imperatives mean that only those that provide a quality, time sensitive service with proven success can surive. As a government employee who is familiar with and oversees many NGO applications in NSW, the facilitator of this session will tell you exactly how to achieve NGO, deductible gift recipient status and charity status in Australia, in addition to highlighting some past lessons of what makes a successful NGO.

Facilitator: Ryan Gleeson

The origins of queer and women’s oppression – a material analysis of oppression.

Have lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people been oppressed? Have women always been second class citizens? Fortunately no! This workshop will explain how sexism, homophobia and racism developed. Oppression has a material basis. With class society came the oppression of women and establishment of rigid gender binaries that oppress LGBTI people. Women and LGBTI oppression is systematic – built into the economic, political and cultural structure that make up our society.  Many of us at Queer Collaborations will be dedicated to the fight against oppression in all its forms. To make the most of our efforts in this fight we need to understand where our oppression originates from, so we can get to the heart of who our enemies are, who to target, and how we can win our liberation.

Presented by Ben Peterson is an activist fighting against education cuts and has been supporting feminist and queer campaigns for many years.


No Cuts! No Way! Queers Fight Education Cuts all the WAY!

Education should be for all, not just the rich! Queer youth can be real poor, they have it rough, get thrown out of home – its real tough. Queer youth want education, it should be cheap, hell no, it should be free! This is what would be good to see! But PM Gillard and the ALP want a rich persons university. So they try and cut $2.8 billion from higher ed, queers and friends say no way! Thats stupid, callous! We said! Come hear of the plans to stop these cuts. We need a big campaign! These cuts are nuts!

Presented by Duncan Roden and Patrick Wright. Duncan is a citizen journalist with Green Left Weekly. He is studying Spanish at Sydney University and is an activist in the fight against education cuts. Patrick Wright is a member of the UNSW queer collective and education campaign at UNSW and an activist in Community Action Against Homophobia.

Rainbow Revolutions in Cuba

In Australia homeless queers go hungry on the street. In Cuba they are given cheap food to eat. In Australia we have rising rates of HIV. In Cuba AIDS drugs are given away for free, and all health care is free. In Australia transgender operations can be up to $20,000. In Cuba they are free. Education is free. There is no homelessness, there is no unemployment. The revolution provides for all basic needs. Has the anti-capitalist Cuban revolution, that took place in 1959, been a haven for queers? There is a rainbow renaissance occurring in the rum drinking, salsa dancing, cultural power. Pride parades are growing exponentially.  All of this is great news for queers. Perhaps the best news we’ve heard in years. How does all of this sound to you? Perhaps it sounds too good to be true? Come to this forum and find out more. The Latin American revolutions are just too exciting to ignore.

Presented by Rachel Evans. She is the author of Rainbow Cuba – the sexual revolution within the revolution.

Refugee rights – why queers need to fight racism!

When seventy seven countries around the world carry legal penalties for homosexuality, it is unsurprising that queer refugees are coming to Australia to seek asylum. Some queer refugees have fled from homophobic torture or death threats, only to be locked up in detention centres once they get here. The Oz Refugee Review Tribunal has a homophobic history of rejecting the cases of queer refugees on the grounds that they can’t prove their sexual orientation to the satisfaction of the court. But the tribunal is under pressure now that queer refugees are coming out of the closet to speak out about this homophobia. Come to this forum to hear the stories of queer refugees, to learn about the politics of mandatory detention, and to find out what you can do to support refugees!

Facilitator: Rachel Evans.

Queer Discrimination and the Law

Your rights against discrimination are important things to know – come along and learn about how you can be protected under the law.

Facilitators: Amelia Kerridge and Dean Mattar

Consent, Practically

Beyond consent 101 – consent from an intersectional and feminist perspective. How consent is important, how consent works in queer relationships and how to talk about it in real world situations.

Facilitators: Amelia Kerridge and Dean Mattar

Queers vs the Capitalist State – Police Brutality at Mardi Gras, lessons and discussion

What attitude should queers take to the police today? In 1978 Sydney’s first Mardi Gras was greeted with batons and mass arrests. Protesters could hear the arrestees’ screams as they were beaten to a pulp inside the cells at Kings Cross. Today, police have their own float in Mardi Gras and offer us a Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer to listen to our concerns. Have things changed? This workshop will talk about why homophobia and brutality are part and parcel of the police force and how this fits into the capitalist system, from one of the organizers of this year’s protest against the resurgence of police brutality at Mardi Gras. Justice for Jamie Jackson!

Facilitator: Cat Rose, National Union of Students Queer Officer

From Anti-Capitalist to Gay Marriage? Queer Activism post-2000

This workshop will look at queer activist campaigns over the last decade or so. We’ll facilitate a discussion about some of the major areas and shifts in queer activism in Australia — participation in anti-capitalist and global justice campaigns, IVF movements, gay marriage and trans* campaigns around areas such as legal recognition and health services. While we will discuss debates around the gay marriage campaign we want to use it to raise a number of broader questions, for example: Is there a queer politics distinct from a ‘gaystream’ political agenda? Can queer activism confront both discrimination and homonormativity? What sorts of issues are, or should be, queer issues?

Facilitators :Tanya Serisier and Elizabeth Humphrys


An open workshop exposing the myth of cis legitimacy.

This workshop will use group activities to deconstruct how language functions to give cis identities supremacy over ‘others’. We will look at examples of hostile language and scenarios.

Facilitators: Bastian Fox Phelan and Chai Palila.

Writing Resilience

An autonomous creative writing workshop for people who experience the violence of the sex and/or gender binary.

The aim of this workshop is to build resistance to resilience to this violence through expressing experiences creatively.

Facilitators: Bastian Fox Phelan and Chai Palila.

Quick Tips for Fisting

This workshop is an intro guide to vaginal fisting and sexual health. We will investigate the pleasures and possibilities of fisting while focussing on how to do it safely and enjoy it. You’ll leave with a bag of tips and some new ideas about what a good fist can do.

Facilitators:  Annaliese Constable and Jade Muratore, ACON Young Women’s Project

Sorting Fact from Fiction

ACON’s Young Gay Men’s Project will present an activity from their educational workshops called the ‘HIV Risk Continuum.’ This interactive workshop will challenge your knowledge and beliefs about HIV transmission, stigma and discrimination and give tips on how to minimise risk while maximising sexual pleasure. Come and learn about  recent developments in the fight against HIV and why it is possible to start reducing the rate of new HIV infections for the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic. There will be opportunities to ask any questions you have and share your own experiences.

Facilitators: Thomas Munro and Michael Yates, ACON Fun & Esteem

Effective Group Facilitation

Are you interested in effectively facilitating group activities? Want to know more about the programs ACON runs?
Whether you’re an experienced facilitator or new to it all and looking to pick up some skills, this workshop is for you.
ACON’s young gay men’s project will present some activities from their facilitator training program and lead a skill-sharing session where they’ll share some tips from running their workshops and invite you to share your own experiences.
The session will have a particular focus on sharing HIV and sexual health information in a way that is fun, interactive and sex positive.

Facilitators: Thomas Munro and Michael Yates, ACON Fun & Esteem

 On a scale of 1 – 10 how gay are you? Same Sex Attraction for Women

This workshop will begin a conversation about sexuality, identity and fluidity in a fun and safe way.

Facilitators:  Annaliese Constable and Jade Muratore, ACON Young Women’s Project

Queer(ing) Student Unionism

An open discussion on the varied roles queer activists have taken up in student unions across Australia, relying heavily on case studies to outline the immensely positive impact this can have on student education rights, queer rights, and campus culture. Focus will be on the need to collective-­‐build, participate in statewide and national student campaigns, and blending the right to higher education with an awareness of queer activism and autonomy.

We encourage and invite those who are new to student activism and in need of a 101 session, those that plan on or imagine themselves getting more involved in student politics across their time at university, and anyone who would like to share their own stories about participation and engagement in the student rights movements on their campus or simply tell the group who on-­‐campus has inspired them to take up the fight.

Facilitators: Andrew Markey, Stuart Ferrie and Axeris Sondyre.

Queer Ecology

This workshop is based on the concepts of diversity and interconnectedness, common to both Queer and ecological sensibilities. Queer theory counters heteronormativity, calling for the diversity of human sexuality and gender identity to be recognised. Relationships between Queers of all kinds are intricate networks and solidarity with other groups adds to the web. Ecology is the study of relationships between organisms within ecosystems. Ecology observes the interconnectedness and diversity of all life. Queer Ecology aims to explore the diversity and interconnectedness of humans, non-humans and their environments. If the heterosexualisation of nature, national parks as places of privilege and Queer urban nature sound interesting this might be the workshop for you. The environment is a major theme: urban and regional, public and private, Queer and not so Queer spaces. What are the places you love? Where are the places that feel Queer? What can non-humans teach us about life? I have suggested some related articles which can be found in the ‘Readings’ section of the QC2013 website.

Facilitator: Anna Lee

Polyamory 102

I’ve decided to be poly… Now what?

A workshop for people who know what polyamory is and would like to go beyond the basics.

Covering topics such as coming out, common poly ‘traps’, relationship agreements, heirachical vs. non-hierarchical relationships and poly/mono combinations.

Facilitator: Nina Melksham

Fun with Rope Bondage

Let’s take what attendees for the week of workshops have learned and run with it!

This workshop is a 2hr rope jam. I’ll be convening a space where people can just play, but will also provide support for those who wish to recap some of the basics shown earlier in the week.

Attendees with their own rope are encouraged to bring it along. Rope will be available on the day but in limited meterage only.

NB: This workshop may involve hands-on pair work. Please come with a partner, come prepared to tie or be tied – or to just watch if you wish! Attendees are welcome to dress for bondage but clothing best for tying (like yoga gear) is not mandatory.

Facilitator: Mistress Tokyo

Play Piercing: The Basics

In this workshop I’ll cover the basics of play piercing, safely and cleanly.

Many people, including queers, are drawn to play piercing for it’s intense qualities; whether as a temporary body modification, a raw atavistic reclaiming of the flesh or as a transformative, zen-like meditation.

I’ll share a little of my experience and take you through my approach to a piercing scene. With the ease of availability of needles and sharps bins through organizations like ACON and various NSPs, I offer this workshop to the group to supplement this hardware with good technique!

NB: This workshop involves skin penetration activities; those who may be triggered or challenged by witnessing such activities should consider their attendance with this in mind.

Facilitator: Mistress Tokyo

Stitch and Bitch

Come and craft with us! Whether you have a project to work on or you want to learn something, step out of the theory and get practical!

Limited knitting, crochet and tatting supplies will be available, but any craft form welcome, as long as your hands are occupied!

Facilitators: Queer Knitting FB Group

Ace Autonomous Workshop

This is an autonomous workshop for Asexual and Aromantic spectrum people.

This workshop is only for people who identify as asexual, aromantic and/or part of the ace/aro spectrums.

If you do not identify but wish to learn, please read our section in the Reader and attend the workshop “And he will be my Squishy”.

Facilitators: Queer Asexuality FB Group

Queeredge Autonomous Workshop

Queeredge is a term that refers to people who do not drink or use other intoxicating substances.

This is an autonomous workshop for Queeredgers only. If you do not identify as Queeredge but wish to learn, please read our section in the Reader and come and talk to us in person.

Facilitators: Queeredge FB Group


The Australian Queer Students’ Network was inaugurated at last QC. This is its first year’s AGM

– come and take part in the organisation that is going to support QC and your collective.

Facilitators: Australian Queer Student Network

Radical Education and Queer Action

Our existence as Queers threatens the dominance and orthodoxy of the heteronormative patriarchal society we live in. As queers and education activists involved in social movements like QC, what can we learn from radical education to create participatory, democratic and creative organising spaces useful in radical queer action to challenge oppression?

Facilitators: Leila Barreto

Practical BDSM

Kinky play is hot; safe, aware, well planned kink is hotter!

Learn about roles & responsibilities, how to negotiate (and get what you want), plan play and make it as safe as it is sexy. With combined lecture, discussion and interactive exercises, you’ll walk away from this workshop with real practical skills, a grin on your face, and evil thoughts abound in your mind.

Facilitator: Rake

Impact Play

Its not just whack whack whack ouch ouch ouch.

Impact play is so much more – its sensory, it primitive, its control, its pain, its pleasure, its trust. We’ll explore spanking, paddles, floggers and canes, demonstrating safe techniques to ensure pain is pleasure. You’ll be able to dive into the world of impact play with confidence, integrity and a new way to look at your kitchenware.

Facilitator: Rake

Introduction to Japanese Bondage

Japanese Bondage is an ancient art that traditionally requires decades of study. We only have an hour, so we’ll give you a hands-on taste to start your ‘journey’ into a world of sensual, artistic, intricate, beautiful rope work for play, performance and pleasure. No understanding of Japanese required.

Facilitator: Rake

Introduction to Rope Harnesses

Stuck for an outfit for your next party? All you need is some rope and this workshop. Harnesses can be simple or elaborate, tight and decorative, allowing freedom of movement or total constraint – but always with maximum style. This hands on workshop will show you fun artistic rope techniques to make a masterpiece of your play partner, for whatever your purpose.

Facilitator: Rake

Introduction to Hogties

Say “bondage” and the image that pops into most peoples mind is the hogtie.

It is simple, yet restrictive, leaving its victim helpless, but accessible. Within this hour workshop, you’ll discover first-hand that hogties are simple to learn, safe and sexy. So versatile, yet basic – and once tied or cuffed, you and your partner can explore comfort, exhilaration, love, trust, pain, exhibitionism, escape, and general kinky fun.

Facilitator: Rake


Don’t spend enough time on the internet? Discover the delights of youtube with people who do!

Facilitators: Rory Thomas and William Wallace

POP! Goes the Queer

This open discussion will focus on fan communities surrounding the representations of Queer people and their relationships (or lack thereof) within the narratives of popular culture. Subject material may be drawn on from television, film, the comic industry and slash fiction. The primary question of this workshop is concerned with the ways that our personal political identities, and intersections thereof, may contribute to our favour of some representations over others and what we can do (if anything) to effect the decision making process within corporate structures.

If there is time and interest a second impromptu discussion may take place surrounding the gendered history of slash fiction and the complications surrounding this as a form of alternative reading for Queer communities.

Facilitator: Kirk Ellis

Sex work is a queer issue!

What is sex work? Who are sex workers? What are the laws? Why should queers care? How can I be an ally? What does the international sex worker movement look like? All these questions and more will be answered in this workshop, run by Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association – the peak national sex worker organisation in Australia.

Facilitator: Mish

CAAH Forum on Marriage Equality

The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum to discuss marriage equality and explore the diverse views held by queer people towards the campaign. We will compare and contrast the varying strategies applied internationally to win marriage equality and analyse the history, challenges and successes of each particular movement. We will broach questions around strategy, coalitions and the role of marriage equality as a priority for the queer movement.

Facilitators: Patrick Wright, Andy Zephyr, Rachel Evans

Gendering Children: The Hidden Agender

Childhood is a prime time for forming attitudes, knowledge and understanding. This workshop will explore how children are gendered and taught about gender by the people around them from a young age; by their parents, teachers, peers, television, and by society at large. How and why does this happen? What can we do to minimise unnecessary pressures on children to conform?

Facilitator: Kyleigh

Trans*, Genderqueer, Intersex, Sex and/or Gender Diverse student rights campaign planning session

In Semester 2 the National Union of Students (NUS) Queer Department would like to run a national campaign fighting for the rights of Trans* or Sex and Gender Diverse students around the country. But do so they need your input! Please come along to let NUS know what you would like to see the campaign be about and have a say in how it’ll run.

Open to all students who identify as Trans*, Genderqueer, Intersex, Sex and/or Gender Diverse.

Facilitators: Hiba Casablanca and Cat Rose

Intersectionality and Inclusive Queer Spaces

A crash course in demystifying intersectionality and understanding the way that racism, sexism, ableism, classism and other forms of oppression affect people in the queer community. Also includes a 101 guide on how to be an ally to queer people of colour, women-identifying and differently abled people in the queer community. A part of the National Union of Students (NUS) Queer Department’s Inclusive Spaces project.

Facilitator: Hiba Casablanca

Boi & His Toys

This workshop is open to all delegates, whilst it explores gay toys that could be used by any person no matter how they identify. The workshop touches on BDSM, Kink, Pup Play, Leather, bondage and other areas of the world of kink, participants are encouraged to partake and to bring along their experiences.

The workshop will look at the safety aspects of the world of kink and after care, for both the sub and top, the workshop will also look at labels with in the Kink community and how they are being used in an Australian context, keeping in mind different groups may used the terms differently and others do not use labels and actively try to dispel such an idea.

Whilst it is not intended the world of kink, BDSM may trigger some people, and those who may be triggered in some way are discouraged to attend, or may leave the room at any time if there is any triggers.

This workshop will meet the safer spaces policy and whilst equipment will be available for viewing, no demonstrations on its uses will occur during the workshop.

This workshop is a basic Kink 101, and BDSM 101 however due to time restraints may not touch on every aspect of the Kink or BDSM community. This workshop also explores coming out issues within the BDSM community and the GLBTIQ communities. Delegates who are curious are encouraged to speak to the organizer prior to the workshop.

Facilitator:  Benjamin Bullivant

Men’s Zone

This workshop is designed to be an autonomous group, of Gay Men who identify in any gender and is open for any delegate who par takes in gay sex, as this workshops particular looks at the safety issues, health issues and after care issues in a safe manner; with an open discussion forum for gay men (Gender non specific) to express themselves and to discuss such issues as Men’s health &Wellbeing, Sexuality and being gay . This workshop is designed to meet the safer spaces policy and provide participants with a space to express their views. It is not intended to have triggers that may upset participants, however triggers may occur around men’s’ health and mental health wellbeing issues will be raised. This workshop may include references to soft porn, the male anatomy and drug and alcohol use, this workshop is to be run in a nonjudgmental environment.

Facilitator:  Benjamin Bullivant


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